How to Increase Your Hair Growing Phase (Anagen Phase)?

It takes around many years for your hair to move through all stages of hair growth and start over again. There are three phases of hair growth which are anagen, catagen, and telogen. Only one of them – the anagen phase – is where hair actually grows longer. In most women, this phase lasts anywhere from two to six years, and is a huge contributor to how long your hair can actually grow.

If you’re serious about getting long, luxurious tresses, it’s essential to harness the power of the anagen phase and extend it for as long as possible to get the hair you want. Here are some ways to do just that:

Hair Growth Cycle

As mentioned above, you hair goes through three phases. Each phase has specific characteristics that determine the length of the hair.

  • Anagen phase (growth phase): This stage lasts two to six years. Normally when your hair is in this phase, it grows approximately 1 cm per month. The longer the hair stays in the anagen phase, the longer it will grow.
  • Catagen phase (transitional phase): This phase lasts about two weeks. It is when hair follicle shrinks, cutting blood supply and nutrients from your hair. The hair will be pushed upward
  • Telogen phase (shedding phase): This phase lasts one to four months. At some points, the follicle will begin to grow again. The old hair will be shed and the new hair shaft will begin to emerge.

If you want to know more about eahc stage of hair growth, check out this article.


How to Increase Your Hair Growing Phase

Healthy body, healthy hair

Your overall health plays an important part in the health of your hair. Your diet and water intake can help or harm your hair growth goals. Controlling stress levels is also important since stress is one of the causes of hair loss.


Hair is made of proteins, so getting enough protein in your diet makes a big difference in how well your hair is going to grow. Vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals also play an important role in your overall hair health. In fact, vitamin deficiency can be a contributing factor to your hair lossFoods that help to promote hair growth are those rich in vitamin C, B, D, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and iron help to promote hair growth.

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Drinking plenty of water is recommended for fixing everything from headaches to trouble sleeping, but did you know it’s also a critical component to making your hair healthy? Not only does drinking enough water flush your body from toxins that can disrupt your hormone levels and other systems, but it provides needed hydration to protect your locks.

Treat your tresses

Giving your hair the right treatment during your morning routine and bedtime ritual will help to stimulate growth and prevent breakage.

Mind your brushing

Brushing your hair when it’s wet leads to breaks and reduces your overall growth. For best results, let your hair dry naturally and then gently comb and detangle it. While you’re at it, don’t wrap it up in a towel, which can lead to even more breakage. Brushing your hair correctly will also help promote blood circulation on your head, allowing necessary nutrition to get to your scalp better.

Give your roots a royal treatment

Scalp massage can promote hair growth because doing so encourages proper circulation of hair follicles, allowing your hair to receive essential nutrients. Massaging your hair with coconut oil or essential oils not only stimulates hair growth and can help you to speed up the growing process but also reduces your stress which is also one of factors of hair loss. A relaxed, well conditioned scalp is much more likely to promote good hair growth.

  • Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids that stimulate blood circulation and strengthening the roots. Castor Oil By Sky Organics is 100% natural and organic, with no additives and preservatives. It is gentle for scalp, even those with sensitive skin. Learn more about castor oil for hair growth.
  • Coconut oil helps promote hair growth because it is naturally packed with nutrients and protective agents, allowing it to keep growing. It is suitable for those who lose hair due to fungus or bacteria because it carries vitamin E, vitamin K and iron and contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties. Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil By COCO&CO is recommended because it is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair follicles
  • Argan oil is full of vitamin A and E that help to stimulate cell production and regenerate hair follicles. Premium Argan Oil by Desert Beauty is designed specifically for the restoration of your hair and leaves no oil residue that can make your hair look greasy.


Get some help

Schedule regular appointments with your stylist at least every three months to trim up your ends and remove any broken or split ends. Keeping your hair trimmed will actually promote healthy growth more than leaving your old ends intact will.


There are many ways to harness the power of supplements to lengthen the anagen phase of growth and help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Adding supplements to your healthy hair routine will give you the growth you are trying to achieve in a fraction of the time. Hair growth vitamins that help to extend the anagen phase include biotin, niacin and zinc. One of popular hair growth supplements that claims to stimulate and prolong the anagen phase is Viviscal. Learn more about Viviscal reviews, its ingredients, side effects and supported research studies.

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