Best Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss afflicts millions of people in the United States, and there have been numerous products available to combat hair loss. Some procedures can require implants, while others don’t influence hair loss. Hair loss shampoo is an excellent way to restore hair, and prevent hair from falling out. This review will look at the best hair loss shampoo, and different patterns of baldness.

Best Hair Loss Shampoo

PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Gold Label)



This hair loss shampoo is 100 percent natural and includes 15 broad-spectrum DHT blockers. It helps prevent any future hair loss by blocking the DHT conditions.

USDA Certified

When it comes to all natural products, having them USDA certified gives them credibility. There are no harmful products in the shampoo, making it ideal for those that are privy to certain conditions.

Improves Scalp Heath

An unhealthy scalp can lead to hair loss, and this product helps rejuvenate the scalp. With a healthy scalp, hair can grow back quickly and with a healthier appearance.

Includes Oils

The shampoo includes oils such as biotin, pumpkin seed, and black cumin seed to give your hair a healthy glow. The shampoo is gentle enough to use daily and prevent any future hair loss. Find out more about best oils that promote hair growth.


Can reduce hair loss in half
Provides plenty of volume to the hair
Scalp is moisturized, leading to healthy hair


It is expensive
Hair can have more static



Nioxin Cleanser, System 2 (Fine/Noticeably Thinning) Shampoo


Ideal for Daily Use

You can use this product daily, allowing your hair to stay moisturized and healthy. It is a volumizing cleanser, allowing your hair to have a fuller and healthier appearance.

Removes Residue

Since it works like a shampoo, this product removes any residue in your hair gently. It’s ideal for those that don’t want to put too much product in their hair and lose what they have left. It can also remove DHT in your hair to prevent future hair loss.

Includes Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building block of all protein including keratin. Keratin nourishes your hair so it grows better and faster. This shampoo also includes important proteins and nourishing vitamins to keep your hair healthy. Find out more about how keratin helps to promote hair growth.

Ideal for Thinning Hair

The product works well for fine and noticeably thinning hair. If you’re trying to prevent future hair loss, this is the right product for you. It keeps hair from falling out, and strengthens the hair you have left.


Reduces hair loss in the shower
Works within the hair fibers to strengthen your hair
It contains DHT blockers to prevent hair loss


May not work for everyone



Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo


Combat Hair Loss

This product contains natural products to keep your hair looking excellent and combats male pattern baldness perfectly. It restores thinning and dull hair to improve volume. It is guaranteed to prevent any future hair loss.

Includes Natural Ingredients

This product contains natural products to restore your hair back to its natural state. It includes argan oil, whole oat, rosemary, and Aloe Vera to moisturize and restore any hair loss.

Includes Caffeine

The caffeine in the product helps your hair with volume and preventing future hair loss. It’s ideal for those with thinning hair, and restore it back to its natural state. You won’t lose any more hair when you’re using this product to combat your hair loss. Learn more about how caffeine benefits hair growth and its side effect.

Safe to Use

The product works gently to keep your hair clean and healthy. You can use the product daily, and to help increase your hair health. It’s ideal for those wanting a product that will work for them.


Works for both men and women
Doesn’t require a lot of product
Makes hair feel thicker and healthier


It may not work for everyone



Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo


Highly Effective

This shampoo has a caffeine blend to help restore hair health, and encourage hair growth. It is highly effective, and the micro blend is a wonderful technology for those combating hair loss.

Top Rated for Hair Regrowth

For those looking for a certified product to combat hair loss, this product has been one of the top-rated products. When a product is highly recommended, it makes purchasing the product a lot easier than going on a whim.

Block Effects of Testosterone (DHT)

Testosterone can be a cause of hair loss, and this shampoo can block those damaging effects. It contains two best natural DHT blockers which are caffeine and Saw Palmetto. These two ingredients work their ways into the skin to prevent testosterone from reaching the follicle and causing hair loss. Another benefit of caffeine for hair growth is that it stimulates your hair shaft, providing extra strength for your hair.

Highly Recommended

This shampoo is highly recommended for both men and women. Considering it is the top-rated hair loss product of 2016, it is easy to see why this is one of the best hair loss products for men and women.


Encourages hair regrowth
Hair is easy to style
The shampoo is rich


It takes some time to see results



HairGenics Pronexa Clinical Strength Hair Regrowth Shampoo


Targets Causes of Hair Loss

While there are many reasons why hair loss can occur, this product targets those causes. It works to stop the cause of your hair loss. It can lead to hair regrowth, and prevent future hair loss.

Includes Biotin

Biotin is a vital component to preventing hair loss and restoring your hair. It encourages maximum hair regrowth and gives your hair a healthy and full volume when it’s used daily.

Includes DHT Blockers

For those that don’t know, DHT is a leading cause of hair loss. This product works to block DHT and prevent future hair loss. It’s ideal for those suffering from DHT.

Nourishes Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is important to preventing hair loss, and this product will work. While it may take some time to see the results, you won’t regret using this product to encourage hair regrowth.


Doesn’t make hair frizzy
Makes your hair soft and smooth
Encourages hair regrowth


Can take up to six months to see results



Hair Rescue GOLD Plus Shampoo



Leads to Thicker Hair

This product is one of the top products to create a fuller looking head of hair. It encourages your hair to regrow, especially for hair that is damaged. It’s ideal for those looking for the best solution to prevent hair loss.

Scientifically Formulated

This product has been scientifically formulated to prevent future hair loss. It helps restore your damaged and dry hair. For those wanting healthy hair, this is the product for them.

Made in USA

The product is made in the USA and is FDA approved. For those that don’t trust products that aren’t tested, this is for them. You won’t need to worry about too many side effects with this product.

Creates Thick Hair

Your hair density can improve to 130 percent of what it is now. For those with thinning hair, this product encourages thicker hair growth. It’s perfect for those that want to keep the hair they have.


The shampoo leaves hair fresh and clean
Creates new hair growth
Works as advertised


May not work quickly



Beauty Facial Extreme Hair Regrowth Shampoo


Provides Necessary Nutrients

When you’re trying to regrow your hair, you need a product that encourages hair growth. This product reduces hair loss and encourages the maximum results to make your hair appear healthier.

Includes DHT Blockers

Since DHT can lead to hair loss, this product includes DHT blockers to prevent future hair loss. For those wanting to keep their hair, this product is guaranteed to work with continued use.

Encourages Hair Anchoring

To keep your hair from falling out, including hair anchoring can keep your hair intact on your head. It also helps the hair grow stronger, since it is getting the vital nutrients.

Safe for Daily Use

The product is safe to use daily and on a continuous basis. You won’t’ need to worry about harmful chemical inside the product, allowing your hair to grow naturally and healthily.


Regrows hair in bald spots
Improves nutrients to your hair
Helps hair regain thickness


It may take a while to work



PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo


Plant Stem Cells

Stem cells have been found to help regrow different body parts. This product contains plant stem cells to help encourage hair regrowth. It’s natural and doesn’t contain chemicals.

Improves Hair Loss

Even if you have noticeable hair loss, this product will reduce the effects. Your hair will look healthier and better when you’ve used this product.

Sulfate Free

For those cautious about harmful products in their shampoo, they can rest easy. This product is sulfate free, encouraging safe use.

Regrow Your Hair

Since the product encourages hair regrowth, you won’t need to worry about the product not working. It’s ideal for those that want to stop their current hair loss.


It has a good smell
Helps with thinning hair
The product is all natural


It can make your hair feel greasy


Male Pattern Baldness

Understanding why you’re losing hair is the first step to combating it. The most common form of male pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia, and it affects nearly fifty percent of all men. It can be caused by genetics, or in the worse scenarios, cancers or medications. If your family doesn’t have a history of baldness, it is wise to visit a doctor to ensure that the reasons for your hair loss isn’t due to a serious medical condition. They can recommend treatments to help prevent further hair loss due to a medical condition.


Female Pattern Hair Loss

While female pattern hair loss is like male pattern hair loss, there are a few differences. Women going through menopause will find their hair is thinning on the top of their head and on the crown. Their front hairline is typically unaffected, and it doesn’t result in complete baldness.

Things such as age, loss of androgens, or a family history of hair loss in males and females can result in female pattern hair loss. There are different treatments available to help women combat their hair loss, such as medications.


Does a Hair Loss Shampoo Really Work?

There are many questions regarding hair loss and how to combat it, and hair loss shampoo is one of the top answers. While many people may feel like it may not help at all, there are different compounds that can stave off hair loss. Depending on your family history, and the compounds in the shampoo, it can help.

How Does It Help with Hair Loss?

While hair loss shampoo may not completely prevent hair loss, they can diminish it. They can restore the fibers in the hair to make them appear fuller and thicker. The key is finding the right compounds in the shampoo that will work for the type of hair you have.


What Ingredients Should You Look for in Hair Loss Shampoo?

To maximize benefits of hair growth shampoo, you should not only avoid chemicals that can causes hair loss such as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or polyethylene glycol (PEG), can but also use a shampoo that contains one of the ingredients below.


Minoxidil is one of the most powerful components of battling hair loss. It stimulates hair growth, and is well-known products in hair loss shampoo. It is FDA approved, and virtually has no downsides. The only downside is that it does take a while to take effect, so you would need to use it for a while before you start to see the results. Click here for Minoxidil reviews, results and side effects.

Amino Acids

For growth and retention, amino acids are the primary component to give your hair the strength it needs to grow back. They work with the main compounds of hair, which consists of amino acids and keratin. Amino acids in shampoo help strengthen the bonds of each individual hair. Amino acids can also create red blood cells, which can deliver the nutrients and oxygen to your hair to help it regrow.


For added protein, adding keratin to your hair helps build the structure and health of hair. Keratin can be found in many hair strengthening products, which gives your hair more volume and thicken the hair on your head. It replaces dry and damaged hair to give it a thicker and shiner appeal. Keratin has become popular in recent years, and is one of the main components of many hair loss products. Find out more about how keratin supports hair growth.

Hyaluronic Acid

While the scalp plays a crucial role in hair loss, lack of treatment can lead to hair loss. Hyaluronic acid can keep your scalp moisturized, and rejuvenates the scalp. It results in more hair growth and healthier hair. Hyaluronic acid can combat DHT, which is a substance that can lead to hair loss. Keeping the scalp moisturized is important for anyone battling hair loss.


Not only can caffeine wake you up, it can also rejuvenate your hair. They prolong the cycle of growth for your hair, and combats the effects of DHT. Even though your body processes everything you put into it, drinking caffeine alone won’t have an effect. Using shampoos with caffeine will result in healthier hair, and prevent future hair loss. Learn more about the effect of caffeine on hair growth.

Apple Stem Cells

Apple stem cells are ideal for maintaining healthy hair follicles. It delays the effects of aging in the hair and your scalp to keep your hair healthy. Apple stem cells work on the cellular level to rebuild the cell structures of your hair. They encourage consistent cell renewal and stimulant dormant hair follicles to help them grow. It’s an excellent way to regrow your hair, and maintain a health scalp.


Commonly referred to as Vitamin H, biotin helps cell growth and produces amino acids in your hair. Using the right levels of biotin can help prevent hair loss. Women are often recommended to use biotin, as it can work better for them than in men. Biotin can be consumed, but it works better when it is applied to the scalp, and creates healthy looking hair.


Peppermint plays a crucial role in preventing hair loss. It penetrates deep into the hair follicles and stimulates circulation. Since more oxygen is getting into the hair follicles, the hair can grow back quicker and healthier. You can find peppermint in shampoos, or you can use peppermint oil, and apply it that way. Your pores can get cleared up, allowing the oxygen to enter your hair follicles easily.

Argan Oil

Argan oil can be used as a moisturizer to help your hair keep its shiny and healthy appearance. The oil is safe to use around your face, and won’t burn your eyes as you’re moisturizing. It works as a leave-in conditioner to help your hair achieve a full and healthy appearance. It’s ideal to combine it with other hair loss shampoos, and you can apply it after you’ve rinsed your hair.

Jojoba Oil

As another hair moisturizer, you can apply it to your hair before you go to bed. After you’ve showered, you can apply it to your hair. It is ideal for hair loss because it encourages hair regrowth, making it the perfect product for those needing a healthy way to regrow their hair. Not only is it good for your hair, it’s ideal for treating skin sores and chapped skin.

Final Verdict

There are many reasons why someone may suffer from hair loss. From genetics to other problems, hair loss affects millions of people. For those looking to prevent their hair loss, there are many products available. To find the right product for you, a product should include the right components. You should consult with your doctor before purchasing a hair loss product to ensure it works properly for you.

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