Best Oil for Hair Growth

What is one of the most distinguishing characteristics that we remember about someone we meet? Is it the clothes that they wear? Possibly. Unique facial features? Doubtful, as most of us are similar in this regard. Their hairstyle? Yes.

For those of us who have a family history of hair loss, you may have an increased sense of urgency to take action to take care of your hair. Perhaps you do not have any symptoms of hair loss, or it could be that you are noticing the signs now and want to stimulate hair growth.

Many of us have found a solution in oils because oils contain beneficial ingredients to promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp with oil for hair growth also helps to promote hair growing phase because doing so encourages proper circulation to hair follicles. That is what this article is about, helping you find the best oils for hair growth that has already been used and reviewed by customers. Who of us has an extra couple thousand dollars laying around that we can use? Few indeed. That is why we will focus our attention on oils, a cost effective alternative to expensive treatments with harsh chemicals.


Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that carries ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids. These nutrients help promote hair growth by accelerating blood circulation to the scalp, nourishing the scalp and strengthening the roots. Learn more about how Castor oil works for hair growth.

Organic Castor Oil By Sky Organics



Castor oil has a multitude of uses, as it is beneficial for many skin issues as well as hair health. Are you concerned about your hair’s growth and overall health? This Organic Castor Oil By Sky Organics is pure, and as it name suggests is 100% organic. You will not find any harmful, toxic chemicals here.

The origins of the oil used is from India, as it has to pass rigid testing to ensure its effectiveness before it is passed on to the consumer. How is it that the oil is extracted from the seeds? Through a process called expeller, it is cold pressed from the seeds in a way that does not allow any foreign chemicals to be involved in it’s production.


Features and Benefits

– 100% natural and organic, with no additives and preservatives
– Produced in a fashion that does not use heat or chemicals
– Hexane free
– Rich in essential nutrients for hair health and growth
– Suitable for any hair and skin type, even those with sensitive skin and allergies
– Absorbed quickly into hair, scalp, and follicles
– Can be used for a wide range of skin problems as well


How to Use it

Application of Organic Castor Oil By Sky Organics is simple. Place 1-3 drops of it onto the palms of your hands and massage it into your clean hair and scalp. It is best to leave it in for several hours for full absorption.


What People Like about It

Some customers report hair growth in bald spots after a couple weeks of use, as well as chemotherapy patients who use it
Highly versatile, as it has been used for a variety of skin issues with great results
Low cost, and the quantity lasts a long time
People with allergies and sensitive skin rave about how natural this product is and feels


What People Don’t Like

A bit of an odor with it, as one customer found it necessary to use some peppermint oil after they washed the castor oil out


Molivera Organics Castor Oil Cold Pressed 100%


One of the common complaints, while there are only a few, of castor oils is the odor that can come from them. If you are concerned about this, Molivera has you in mind with its Molivera Organics Castor Oil. It is fragrance free, as well as free of any preservatives, hexane, and chemicals.

Many of the nutrients that are necessary for full and healthy hair are contained in this Molivera Castor Oil, including a large percentage of Vitamin E. With an increase in circulation, your hair will receive the nutrients it requires for the stages of hair growth.


Features and Benefits

– 100% pure castor oil produced in smaller batches to ensure quality and freshness
– This oil is cold pressed, which helps ensure it is free of hexane, chemicals, and preservatives
– Unlike many of the competitors castor oil, it is fragrance free
– Can also be used for anti-aging purposes on the skin


How to Use it

Simply massage the oil gently into your clean hair and scalp, a couple drops is all that is necessary.


What People Like about It

Customers have reported positive changes in hair growth, texture, and fullness
Multi-use, as it works for many skin troubles and has even been reported to work for constipation
Some consumers have reported quicker results than normal, for example hair growth in as short as 3-5 weeks
Fragrance free, which is hard to find in castor oil.


What People Don’t Like

As with most castor oils, some reject the notion that it is 100% organic
While the manufacturer advertises it as fragrance free, some customers report that it has an odor


Tropic Isle Living- Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Seeds from the wild in Jamaica are where this castor oil originates from. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is commonly used as a hot oil treatment to cleanse the scalp of damaging toxins and parasites (scary stuff!). A unique feature found in this product is that the oil is hand processed from the seeds.

In reference to how the oil is processed, you will notice the other 2 castor oils previously mentioned are cold pressed. This manufacturer “roasts” the seeds first to get the oil out, which is why the oil has a different tint to it.

There is a percentage of people who believe that the higher PH levels found in castor oil that is produced in this fashion helps hair more than the cold pressed method. It is said to open the hair follicles more, which in turn assists in the hair growth stages.


Features and Benefits

– Hand processed from Jamaican seeds
– Often used as a hot oil treatment to clean the scalp of toxins and parasites
– A protective coat develops with regular use, which helps seal in moisture
– Will help increase circulation to hair follicles, as well as increasing the follicles size


How to Use it

Customers have reported a catch phrase for using Jamaican Black Castor Oil, “a dab will do”. Some have mentioned putting the plastic container in hot water for approximately a minute to thin out the oil before dispensing.


What People Like about It

With consistent use, numerous customers report hair growth in a few months by rubbing a dab into their scalp daily
Not only are there numerous stories of hair growth with the use of this product, it also helps strengthen hair
As with any castor oil, has many uses other than hair and scalp health


What People Don’t Like

Oil is thick and has an odor
Some customers claim there is not much difference between this brand and the type that can be purchased from retail outlets



Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron and contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties to protect against dandruff and lice. These problems can hinder hair growth. When it comes to choosing a coconut oil for hair loss, it is recommended that you choose unrefined or virgin coconut oil over refined. This is because the virgin oil does not lose as many nutrients during a production process as refined coconut oil does.

Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil By COCO&CO


Having an understanding of where the products we use on our bodies comes from is reassuring. Take this COCO&CO Coconut Oil as an example.

Organically grown coconuts, no more than 2 days old from harvest, are monitored to ensure they do not reach certain temperatures. Once the milk is out, a procedure is repeated numerous times to spin the milk, this separates the oil from the milk.

The end result is what you find in this product, a pure extra virgin coconut oil. While the process is painstaking, the result is worth it. Customers rave about this product!

Coconut oil can be used for a variety of purposes, including daily hair conditioner, a deep hair conditioner, hair mask, and hair treatment. There are many people who believe that coconut oil penetrates the scalp and hair follicles more than any other products, natural or artificial.


Features and Benefits

– Loaded with essential nutrients for hair health
– Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair follicles
– Can be used for a variety of purposes
– Assists in repairing damaged hair as well as in hair growth
– Will help protect from sun damage


How to Use it

Is in liquid form above room temperature and solid below room temperature. You will find this product “melts” in the palm of your hand as it reacts to your body temperature. Customers have found great results by applying to their hair and leaving it on overnight.


What People Like about It

Multiple reports of applying this oil to the scalp when it is damp, and finding that their hair and scalp remains moist throughout the day. Additionally, these customers also report that when they wash their hair the following day, the moisture beads
“Melts” in the palm of your hands
Assists with skin conditions as well
Pleasant smell


What People Don’t Like

Is more expensive than some of the other oils on the market
Some customers are not satisfied in the quantity of product for the price


Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil


What separates this coconut oil from the others is in it’s name. What does fractionated mean, in regards to this oil? The coconut is processed so the long chain fatty acids, all of them, are removed.

What remains once these are removed is the more healthy medium chain fatty acids. Additionally, you will not find any hexane, sulfate, or paraben.

This Majestic oil is colorless and odorless. You will not have a greasy mess to clean up afterwards either. Another unique characteristic of this oil is that it retains its form regardless if it is above or below room temperature, unlike other coconut oils.

For those who like to blend their oils for their hair, this serves as a great carrier for other oils.


Features and Benefits

– Does not stain, is odorless and colorless
– Works great on the hair and scalp for rejuvenation of hair follicles
– Blends well with other oils
– Fractionated, meaning the healthier fatty acids remain


How to Use it

It is recommended that the user test this product on a small area of skin to check for an allergic reaction, perhaps the inside of your elbow. Wash and shampoo your hair, then apply a thin layer and massage in well. Many people use other oils mixed in with it.


What People Like about It

Customers are satisfied with it being odorless and colorless
Several reports of it not staining sofas and chairs after it was applied and the furniture was sat in
Great results for those with a dry, itchy scalp
Many report hair growth after continued use


What People Don’t Like

Several customers report that the pump breaks easily
While the oil is not greasy, it can be messy if spilled



Olive Oil for Hair Growth


Ancient Greek Remedy 100% Organic Blend of Oils


How many of us have spent hours browsing the internet in an attempt to find the “perfect” blend of oils for our hair and scalp? Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a bottle of already tested blended oils for our hair’s health?

This is where our friends at Ancient Greek come in. They have done the work for us, and have brought to the market a mixture of Olive, Lavender, Almond & Grapeseed oils. This blend works for any hair type.

For those who have weak, thin, and brittle hair, this concoction is perfect for rejuvenation of your hair. With the combination of the 4 oils, and the essential nutrients needed for healthy hair growth stages, this oil should help your scalp and hair follicles come back to life.


Features and Benefits

– 4 oil blend ensures your hair and scalp will receive numerous vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth
– Damaged hair can be rejuvenated with this blend
– Works for numerous skin and nail problems as well


How to Use it

Some customers prefer to spray it directly onto their hair and scalp, and then massage it in. Others simply place a little in their hands and apply.


What People Like about It

Works great, per numerous customer reviews, for moisturizing the hair and scalp
Customers report that hair growth can be seen in as little as a couple weeks with consistent use
Also works great as a skin conditioner, especially for those who live in cold weather climates
People appreciate the natural components of the product


What People Don’t Like

Their is a slight odor with the oil that some find troubling at first
Has a spray top, which some people do not prefer



Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and E so it helps boost cell production and regenerate hair follicles. The oil also stimulates production of keratin, essential to new hair growth.

Desert Beauty – Premium Argan Oil


Sometimes we want a product that is designed specifically for the purpose we are buying it for. When it comes to hair health products, in particular for growth, it is understandable why someone may object to purchasing a product with multiple uses.

If a product is good enough for some of the “Hollywood elite”, then it should be ok for us. This is one of the secrets to their style success, argan oil. For the hair that is damaged, whatever it may be, this Premium Argan Oil is designed specifically for the restoration of your hair.


Features and Benefits

– Designed specifically for hair
– Desert Beauty takes it a step further with an exclusive restorative formula that includes argan oil from Moroccan argan trees
– Only takes 2 to 3 drops
– The serum is absorbed quickly, which provides the user with fast results, ending with a much healthier hair appearance and feel
– A slight fragrance that is not pungent
– No oil residue


How to Use it

Very simple application, as all you have to do is place a few drops in the palms of your hand, or directly on the scalp, and massage it in. It can be applied to either a dry or damp scalp (and hair). Some people use it when their hair is wet and then apply some more when it is dry.


What People Like about It

Numerous reports of it working on a wide range of damaged hair, usually with quick results
This Desert Beauty product was not tested on animals, and customers appreciate this
Free of harmful additives and chemicals, contains natural ingredients


What People Don’t Like

Contains cyclopentasiloxane for advantageous purposes, which some consumers object to
Some customers have had problems with leaky bottles


Moroccan Argan Oil From Majestic Pure


Freshness matters when we are shopping for groceries, right? What about for our hair growth, and hair care, products? Should we pay attention to this?

Majestic Pure believes we should. The argan oil that Majestic Pure uses, when it hits the shelf, is typically less than 2 months old. The nuts that are used to get this oil, interestingly enough, are only picked during the months of May and September in Morocco. Majestic Pure then ensures that these are stored safely.

Rich in Vitamin E, as well as other essential hair nutrients, your scalp and hair will appreciate the rejuvenating effects produced with the application of this product.


Features and Benefits

– Only fresh argan oil is used, typically less than 2 months old
– Industry low free acidity rate and peroxide level
– Hydrates difficult hair, making it easier to style and manage
– Nourishes and restores damaged hair to its intended look and health


How to Use it

This is for external use only, and the user should avoid eye contact. Be sure to test on a small portion of skin, preferable under the elbow, for any allergic reaction.

After you shampoo your hair, place a few drops on the damp hair and massage in.


What People Like about It

Very reasonably priced, high quality Moroccan Argan Oil
Countless reports of miraculous improvements to damaged hair
Also works great as a facial moisturizer, as customers have raved about its dual purpose benefits


What People Don’t Like

Some reports of bad odors
Some customers report that the oil is heavier than they expected, and that the dropper leaks


Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil


Sometimes we question whether a product is truly organic. This Aria Starr product comes with a certification, meaning can we trust that it is truly organic. Of course, even with a 100% organic label and certification, the certifying authority does allow for a small amount of other products in the mix. This is the case for the USDA as well.

This product is known to be used in many a salon. Looking for a “silky” feel and appearance to your hair? That is what Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil is designed to do. Looking for fast results? Numerous customers have reported just this when using this product.


Features and Benefits

– Conditions the hair for a natural appearing shine and look
– Dry scalps will revitalize and become nourished
– Certified organic argan oil
– Multiple uses, including skin and face


How to Use it

Only a small amount needs to be applied, usually a few drops. As with other argan oils, apply to the hair and scalp after you have shampooed. Can be applied to damp or dry hair, although most people seem to prefer applying it when damp.


What People Like about It

A keen customer noted that truly organic argan oil should be packaged in a darkly tinted bottle, as this product is
Numerous reports of a small amount going a long way to repairing damaged hair and dry scalps
Many customers were surprised at how quickly they noticed positive results



Some odor
There are some customers who state that it left their hair greasy



Mixed Oil for Hair Growth

Wild Growth Hair Oil

A combination of natural ingredients such as olive, jojoba, and coconut oil are what make Wild Growth Hair Oil so popular. There are other natural ingredients, and what this combination does is help untangle and condition your hair.

As we know, the scalp and hair follicles are essential to good hair health. That is, ensuring that your hair follicles receive the essential nutrients for the hair growth cycle. Wild Growth Hair Oil contains the essential vitamins and minerals they need.


Features and Benefits

– A mixture of natural ingredients
– Softens, detangles, and invigorates long, healthy hair
– Will not take as long to blow-dry your hair with consistent use
– Contains essential hair nutrients


How to Use it

Make sure to shake the bottle well first. Then, apply approximately 5-15 drops to either your hand or directly to the hair and scalp. Massage it in. After this is done, you can comb or brush your hair.


What People Like about It

Fast, positive results. Even for people who have long term hair and skin issues
User friendly bottle
Many customers like the fragrance


What People Don’t Like

Some caucasians believe that it is only beneficial for other races, yet there are plenty of caucasians who report positive results
Some report that it caused an itchy scalp

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