Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss affects thousands of people in the United States, and there are many ways to prevent hair loss. While many products claim that they can prevent hair loss, and actually regrow hair, they may turn out to be nothing more than snake oil. Some people will go to great lengths to prevent hair loss, but you don’t need to take drastic measures. Instead, changing your diet can do a lot to help prevent hair loss since vitamin deficiency can be a contributing factor to your hair loss. The nutrients in different foods can make hair healthy, and provide excellent hair growth. Before spending hundreds of dollars on hair loss products, you can save money adding more nutrients to your diet.

Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Mineral deficiencies can be a contributing factor to hair loss, especially in women. Minerals such as iron and vitamin D are crucial to improving hair growth. Moreover, it is also believed that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss. Spinach is ideal because it is rich in iron and vitamin D, and act as a natural conditioner. The iron-rich food will make your hair appear lustrous, shiny, and healthy. Learn more about iron deficiency and hair loss.

Greek Yogurt

Greeks love their yogurt, and it’s easy to see why they have such a mop head full of intact and healthy hair. Vitamin B5 is rich in Greek yogurt, which allows your blood to flow easily through your body. Since blood flows easier to your scalp, your hair will look healthier and better. Your hair will grow naturally when you introduce B5 into your diet. To aid the blood flow on your scalp, you can also use oils for hair growth such as coconut, argan or castor oil to massage your scalp. It is one of a very effective home remedies for hair regrowth.


Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is crucial to your health. It is an anti-inflammatory, and inflammation can cause your hair to fall out.  Eating salmon is the perfect way to get your omega-3 fatty acids, and will make your hair look healthy and shiny.  Insulin resistance is a problem associated with hair loss, so it’s important to help your body process it to prevent male pattern balding and female hair loss.


While mostly popular during the holidays, cinnamon is ideal for preventing hair loss. Adding it to your daily diet allows the oxygen and nutrients in your blood flow easier.  Your hair follicles can get clogged up, allowing your hair to die and fall out.  Just a little bit every day can make a huge difference.


If you’re looking for a power packed food, oatmeal is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron, zinc, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.  All these vitamins and minerals will stimulate hair growth that makes your hair thicker and healthy.  Just a bowl a day can make a huge impact if you combat hair loss.


If you’re suffering from Vitamin C deficiency, you should introduce citrus fruits to your diet to help you combat it.  Guava is enhanced with vitamin C, and actually contains more than oranges, which are thought to be packed with the vitamin.  It can promote significant hair growth in women with temporary thinning.


Biotin is a hair loss preventative, and is found in most hair loss products. The B vitamin will help your hair grow, and will strengthen your fingernails.  If you need more biotin in your diet, you don’t only need to eat eggs. You can get it from almonds, avocados, and salmon.


This kosher food has folic acid, which helps promote hair health. It enhances your red blood cells to make them healthier.  For those that need oxygen delivered to their bodies, folic acid is the perfect cure. Getting more blood flow to your body will help it recover, and stay healthy.


Not only are oysters associated with aphrodisiacs, they can help prevent hair loss. They are rich in zinc, and give your body a healthy glow. Zinc supplements have been shown to improve the quality of women’s hair who suffer from hair loss. It helps your hair cells recover from damage.


Though many people don’t like liver and onions, liver is an excellent source of iron. As mentioned earlier, zinc is crucial to preventing hair loss. You can add other vegetables if you’re not fond of the thought of eating liver and onions.

Lean Poultry

Protein is crucial to an everyday diet, and eating lean poultry can help your body prevent any hair loss. Though it may seem that any meat will do, meats high in fat won’t help prevent your hair from falling out. Not only will they help you keep your hair, you can also lose weight when you decide to eat lean meats.



Hair loss is not a fun thing to go through, and hair loss products such as hair growth shampoo or Minoxidil can be expensive. One of the most cost effective ways to combat hair loss is to change your diet. You should make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals.  If you have to, you can add some vitamins and minerals to your diet to help your hair grow.

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