MSM for Hair Growth

The hair loss industry has blossomed over the past few decades. Currently, it’s estimated that the market for hair loss — including all the various products available — is over $7 billion, and this number is only expected to increase as more and more products hit the shelves.

Many of these products are synthetic chemicals that, while they may or may not have an effect on hair growth, can come with dangerous side effects. To combat this, researchers have been working to develop safe, natural remedies instead. One remedy that has shown promise is MSM.

MSM for hair growth

What is MSM?

MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a sulfur-infused organic compound that is already well-known and used in a variety of health, beauty and pharmaceutical products today. The active ingredient, sulfur, is one of the main building blocks of life, and is an element that many suspect may promote hair growth.

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How Does MSM Work for Hair Growth?

As stated above, one of the main ingredients of MSM is sulfur. It is due to this sulfur that MSM works for hair growth. Why? The answer can be found inside a hair follicle. While the outside of a follicle consists of dead cells, the middle layer of the hair, the cortex, is rich in sulfur. Sulfur, already an abundant element in the human body, plays an essential role in the production of various parts of the body, including hair, skin, nails and joints.

When applied to hair, it’s thought that sulfur can help to lengthen the amount of time hair grows (otherwise known as anagen), and in some cases sulfur can even cause hair that has stopped growing to revert back to anagen, therefore growing even more.

MSM also helps by producing collagen and keratin, which are essential compounds for healthy hair.


What Does the Research Say About MSM for Hair Growth?

The good news is that studies have shown that MSM is indeed a supplement to be excited about. As a naturally-occuring substance that can be found in so many places, it can be difficult to find studies focusing only on MSM by itself. However, research studies using MSM as a supplement have shown promise and beg the need for further testing.

Even more promising, however, are the results that have been seen when MSM is used in conjunction with other hair growth products. When added to other products, MSM has proven to be very effective in boosting positive hair growth well beyond the original products alone. While more testing will be done, and is always a good thing, the studies done so far have concluded that MSM is a supplement that should be taken seriously when it comes to hair growth.


How Many Times a Day Should Someone Take MSM?

When it comes to finding a proper, effective dosage, there are no recommended daily allowances for MSM yet. However, most manufacturers suggest that a good daily dose is right around 1,500 mg. (Even this number is up for debate, though, as some have suggested a maximum dose of three or even four times that amount!) As with any supplement, though, it’s important to start slow and raise your dosage until you find the amount that works best for you.

So, even though the manufacturers recommend 1,500 mg, it’s probably better for you to begin at a much smaller dose — say around 500 mg — and slowly work your way up until you find the appropriate amount.


How Long Does it Take for MSM to Work?

While studies concerning MSM for hair loss are still underway, a definitive answer to this question has not been completely determined. However, most users have reported a noticeable difference in as little as a few weeks. For most, though, results have not been reported until an average of around three months of continuous use. As with most “averages,” however, this also means that some users have reported it taking much longer before any hair growth has been seen.


What are the Side Effects of Taking MSM?

As with all medicines and supplements, there is a risk that MSM can have adverse effects on the human body. Depending on how its applied — either orally through a pill or topically through a cream or shampoo — different side effects have been reported.

The most common side effect reported from oral usage is gastrointestinal discomfort, in the form of pain and cramping. These have mainly been mild, and can be combated by diluting the dosage being taken at any one time.

For topical applications, the most common side effects are pruritus (excessive itching) and a skin rash. Again, diluting the compound has shown to decrease the risk and severity of these effects.


Best MSM Supplements for Hair Growth

NOW MSM 1000mg

If you plan to take pure MSM with other hair growth supplements you have already taken, this is your best choice. This supplement contains a minimum 99.7% of MSM. The company is well-known and trustable. It owns and operates several manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada. Check out what real users say about the product.


PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement

This supplement contains 100% natural ingredients beneficial for hair growth. These include Vitamin A, C, D, E as well as Biotin and Zinc. MSM and Grape seed extract are also used as the key ingredient to inhibit production of DHT and stimulate hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth while Gotu Kola enhances circulation to get more oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. Nettle leaf powder also prevents hair shedding and encourages hair growth. Check out what real users say about the product.


This supplement contains not only MSM but also other key ingredients that support hair growth. The company has created a synergistic blend that combines several essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Biotin promotes overall healthy hair and hair growth while Keratin protects and repairs damaged hair. Other ingredients include bamboo extract, collagen, vitamin A, C, B12, D3 and folate. Check out what real users say about the product.


Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins

Hairfinity Vitamin ReviewThe nutrient and vitamin blend in Hairfinity is specially formulated for the needs of healthy skin and hair. It contains several vitamins, folic acid, MSM, calcium, Pantothenic Acid and biotin. The result can be seen 2-6 weeks after taking this supplement. Learn more about Hairfinity Vitamin Reviews.

Check out what real users say about the product.

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